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Jeremy Hogan

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Born: September 3, 1972, Porterville, California, USA

Formal Education:

Bachelor of Science, Journalism with a concentration in Photojournalism and a minor in Art History, 1997, San Jose State University

Spring 2005 Indiana University School of Continuing Studies Video certification; completed a series of classes in video production and editing using Final Cut Pro

Spring 2006 Indiana University School of Fine Arts; completed upper division undergraduate course in video art taught by Arthur Liou

Informal education:

Worked as a photo assistant for Stephan Schacher during the early 90s.

Work History:

Worked part-time or full-time as an award winning news photographer at 11 newspapers of various sizes around the United States from 1988 to present. Newspapers included the Kansas City Star, Palm Beach Post, Indianapolis News, Ann Arbor News and the Modesto Bee.

Major Photographic Projects:

1988-1991 – self funded project documenting youth culture and skateboarders at his high school and in his hometown, Porterville.

1988-present – self funded projects documenting Generation X in his hometown and while living in cities across the United States throughout the 90s.

1993-1995 – self funded project photographing Latino politics in California including Cesar Chavez Funeral, a 350-mile march to the state capital to bring light to issues facing farm workers and Latinos protesting state proposition 187 that would have banned the children of illegal aliens from receiving public education and health care.

2000 to present – Red and Blue – The Divided States of America, a self funded project making ethnographic images of right wing and left wing political protests and rallies, reactions to the 911 attack and the presidential election of 2000.

Major Film Projects:

2005 hepatitis (B) youth, Day Tour – 29 minutes, DV
A documentary about the an underground band’s one day, 20 stop, tour of Bloomington, Ind.

2006 Freedom: A Poem for America – currently in post-production; DV
A journey through the American psyche as seen through documentary photographs and heard through the voices of poets.

2006 Melancholia, video art – 2:00 minutes; DV

2006 Spiritual, video art – 2:28; DV

2006 Transmission, video art – 2:18; DV


1995 Student Union
Viva La Causa, Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworkers
San Jose State University, San Jose, Calif., (two man photo exhibit with Paul Fusco of Magnum photo cooperative)

1999 The Uptown Cafe
Cowboys and landscapes
Bloomington, Ind.

2000 The Uptown Cafe
Bloomington, Ind.

2004 Mathers Museum
Art Between Cultures
Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.

2005 Gild
New York, New York

2006 Gild
New York, New York


2001 Indiana Review – “Dealing with the Black Bloc and others” (an essay and photographs about the IMF/World Bank protest in Washington D.C.)

2003 Planet Magazine – “Mongolian Wrestlers”

2003 America – “24/7”

2004 Honey Du (a magazine of underground southern writers) – “Into the American Jungle with my Grandpa”

2004 Indiana Review – “Art Between Cultures”

2004 Churches, Banks, Bars (photos featured in issue 2 and 3)

2004 University of Texas Press (documentary photos of Latinos in the Midwest) – “Apple Pies and Enchiladas, Latinos in the Midwest”

2004 Indiana – “24/7”

Online Publications:

1998, Grandpa – A photo-essay about my grandpa who was retired Hobo and migrant farm worker

2003 to present, – Official photographer of the Global Literary Renaissance

2004, Fragments of Reality – Documentary Photographs as Truth (view)

2005, The Solitary Life (view)